Sep 30, 2022 • 4M

Jesus chicken

How Evangelical leaders are forever gunning to put g.o.d. back in g.o.v.

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Noncasting is a microcast that unapologetically weighs in on relevant and disputatious cultural topics that are currently spiraling within our social tapestry. Writer and podcast producer, Nathan Tower weaves in and out of personal stories, opinionated diatribes and sometimes contextually relevant insights.
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Separation of church and state feels a lot like the “don’t tap on the glass sign” at an aquarium. It’s there. But no one pays any attention to it. At this stage in American history, it seems totally insane to cling to the idea that religion and politics are two separate entities that can’t intersect. I pledge allegiance…, but make it Evangelical warfare with a cozy pinch of forgiveness.