Oct 20, 2022 • 3M

*Two-hundred and one feet

Why political campaign signs drive people insane

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Noncasting is a microcast that unapologetically weighs in on relevant and disputatious cultural topics that are currently spiraling within our social tapestry. Writer and podcast producer, Nathan Tower weaves in and out of personal stories, opinionated diatribes and sometimes contextually relevant insights.
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Why do political campaign signs make some people so mad? Dotting leaf-ridden lawns and downtown medians, red, white and boring campaign signs showcase quick bites of opinion or simply boast a local politician’s last name. Effective or not, the poor signs are subject to violence, theft, vandalization, and the deep throaty sighs of perturbed, time-rich, white folks with opposing political views. We’re all entitled to our opinions, until we stick it in the front yard.